Our Robots

2022 - Kirby

  • AndyMark Kit of Parts tank drive

  • Through-bumper pneumatically actuated intake

  • Conveyor with indexing automated by retroreflective photo sensors

  • Double-wide fixed shooter, optimized for consistent fender shots

  • Fast mid-rung climber with ratcheting system to prevent back-drive

  • 5 ball autonomous mode

  • Game: RAPID REACT Presented by the Boeing Company

  • Wisconsin Regional: Semi-Finalist alliance, Autonomous Award

  • Midwest Regional: Semi-Finalist alliance, Judges Award

2020/21 - Steve

  • AndyMark Kit of Parts Tank Drive

  • Pneumatically actuated through-bumper intake with vectored intake wheels to center balls

  • Conveyor systems with Rockwell Automation photo sensors to index balls

  • Double shooter optimized for short range shots


  • Qualifier Event: Finalist Alliance

  • State Championships: Semi-Finalist Alliance

2019 - Mr. Mosher's Legacy

  • AndyMark Kit of Parts Tank Drive

  • Wheeled cargo intake, actuated to score in the cargo ship and the first level of the rocket

  • Hatch panel intake to take panels from human player and score on cargo station and first level of rocket

  • Pneumatic stilts to climb to level 2

  • Game: Destination Deep Space Presented by the Boeing Company