Incident Reporting

Our team makes every effort to ensure we provide a safe and healthy environment for students, mentors and volunteers. Unfortunately, despite these efforts, incidents can arise where students, mentors or volunteers do not hold up to our high ideals. In these cases, it's our responsibility for us to provide a robust and independent reporting mechanism to address any concerns. To avoid any possibility of team mentors dismissing complaints against people they know well, both of the reporting mechanisms we provide will not go through our team mentors.

The MPS Reporting Portal should be used for any incidents involving only member of Team 2830 or other MPS students, teachers or volunteers.

The FIRST Incident Reporting Portal should be used for any incidents you face in your FIRST involvement. This includes issues at team meetings and at events.

In some instances, it might make sense to report an incident through both portals.

FIRST has a zero tolerance policy preventing discrimination in any form against an individual reporting an incident and this policy extends to our team. In other words, you don't need to worry about reprecussions from reporting an incident.

Remember, if you're in doubt of whether or not to report an incident, do not hesitate to report.